My Dotpost

My Dotpost, available on the web app, allows you to manage your details and preferences inside Dotpost.

Accessible from the main menu on, it provides access to 

My Account This is where you can change your personal details, including your title, name and email address‍. This is also where you can set your marketing preference.
My Security Here you can change your password‍ and your security questions.
Notification Settings This allows you to control how often Dotpost sends you notification emails‍ for new document deliveries.
Document Labels You can manage your labels‍ here.
Inbox Rules This is where you define your Inbox Rules.‍ 
Sign Out Log out of Dotpost


Email Address

It is important that you keep your email address up to date so that Dotpost can send you system emails such as document notifications. Any changes to Dotpost services, terms and privacy will also be communicated via email.

If Dotpost cannot communicate with you, your account may be terminated.