Inbox Rules

To help you identify documents in your Dotpost inbox, you can define inbox rules. 

These rules will automatically label or "star" documents as they arrive in your inbox. 

Create a Rule

To define an inbox rule

  • Login to dotpost web (
  • Select My Dotpost from main menu
  • Select Inbox Rules
  • This will take you to the Rule Editor

Inbox rules can only be defined and edited via the web. However, the rules will be applied to your inbox if you access it via web browser or mobile app.

In the Rule Editor, you chose what will happen when a new document gets delivered to your inbox.



If you wish to apply label(s) as part of your rule, the label must be created before defining the rule. Labels‍ describes how to create a label.

  • Setting the match
    • by sender - any document delivered from this sender
    • by title - add the word(s) that the title will contain
  • Defining the action
    • apply label - this label will be added to your document
      • you can apply multiple labels by adding an action for each label you wish to add
    • star document - mark this document as important and so it can be easily selected using the Starred filter

You can have multiple match criteria and multiple actions within one rule.

Rule Actions

Once you have defined a rule you can then manage the rules using the following actions

Action Description
Move up or down You can change the order the rules are applied  by selecting the Move actions.
The order is important if the “Don't apply any other rules to a document if this rule matches” option is selected within the rule
Edit You can edit a rule via the Edit action.
Apply Now The Apply Now action will run against your inbox and apply the rule to the existing documents.
Delete The Delete action removes the rule from the system.