How will I know that I have received a new document?

When Dotpost delivers a new document into your inbox, it can send an email to let you know that you have a new document. You can control how often the notification emails are sent to you. 

  • Login to Dotpost (
  • Select My Dotpost from the main menu
  • Select Notification Settings

Here you can choose how often you wish to receive the notification emails

Never Dotpost will not send any new document notification emails
Instantly Dotpost will send the email as soon as the document is delivered to your inbox.
If you receive multiple documents in a day, multiple emails will be sent
Once per day You will only receive one email per day regardless of how many documents you receive.
The daily emails are sent from 8am daily.
Once per week If you receive a document during the week, the email notification will be sent from 3pm every Friday.


Address Book

Email notifications are sent from We recommend that you add this address to your email address book to prevent your notification emails being identified as spam or junk.