I am already registered. Why have I received another activation code?

When a sender wants to send a document to you, Dotpost uses different elements to identify you as a recipient and then check that you have allowed the sender to send you documents (i.e. you have added the sender to your account). 

If you have a received a new activation code it is because

  • one of the elements used to identify you has changed
  • you have not added this sender to your account

Identification Elements

You can check which elements are used to identify you by visiting the Senders window in the web app. Here you will be able to see how each Sender identifies you.

If you have not changed your details and are receiving a new activation code it may be because the sender has modified the details in the latest document they are trying to send to you.

Example: they may have added the county to your address. If the existing address did not include county then the details would not match and hence you would receive a new activation code.


If you have already added this organisation to your account as a sender, the new activation code may be a different department or they may be using different identification elements.


In either case, it is recommended that you add this new activation code to your account via Add New Sender..

Add New Sender

If you wish to allow the organisation that has sent you the activation code‍ to deliver documents to you via Dotpost, then they need to be added as a Sender to your account.


You can only add or modify senders via the web app. Senders cannot be accessed via the mobile apps.

  1. Go to dotpost.com/login
  2. Login using your email address and password.
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the Forgot your password link.
  3. Go to Senders
  4. Select Add New Sender
  5. Enter the activation code from your invitation and your postcode from the address on the invitation. i.e. You use the postcode from the address the invitation was sent to.
    • If there is no postcode click No Postcode and enter the full address as it appears on your invitation letter (even if it has mistakes).
  6. Click Add Sender
  7. The sender will now be shown in your Senders window.

This sender will now be able to send documents to you via Dotpost.


Existing Sender

If you already have this sender in your Senders list, it is important that you add this new activation code or you may not receive all the documents sent by this sender into your Dotpost inbox. This new activation code may relate to a different type of communication or to a different department that wishes to send you documents.