What is New?

Changes in the Dotpost System

Last published: June 6th, 2024

June 2024
  • Updated privacy policy
    • Added customer support to personal data use table
June 2023
  • UI refreshed with new logo
  • Minor bug fixes
January 2023
  • Issue with changing email address is now fixed
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Dotpost Status Page added to footer
November 2022
  • The Android app is no longer available for download. To use Dotpost on your Android device, please access dotpost.com via your web browser.
September 2022
  • The Dotpost iOS app is incompatible with iOS 16 and is no longer available for download. To use Dotpost on your iOS device, please access dotpost.com via your web browser.
June 2022
  • The Dotpost Status Page is now available from the Help Centre. The link can be found in the footer. The Status Page details the current operational status of Dotpost and any scheduled maintenance.
December 2021
  • Bug fixes
December 2021
  • UI has been refreshed and improved to work across devices including mobiles.
  • Senders windows has been improved to display the details the sender uses to identify a user
  • Minor UI changes
    • Label selection improved in Inbox
    • Upload window has been simplified
    • My Details changed to My Account in My Dotpost
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Help Centre added as link in the product
  • Dotpost is no longer supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer. 
November 2021
  • Updated privacy policy
    • Rewritten to use Dotpost terminology and make it easier to understand
    • Expanded the data sharing and data collection sections
    • Privacy policy updated to reflect the use of a Help Centre.
  • Updated the Dotpost Terms and Conditions
November 2021
  • Help Centre introduction (English)